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We keep track of the things each and every time for future scopes and regular improvements, This results in trust worthy system is and system performs consistently well.


Our team members are well qualified and certified in their own fields. We learn and pratice the emerging trends in information technology on regular basis, hence we are expert in latest technologies in the market.


We strictly use SOLID code patterns for the development of the code. The code delievered is easily understandable for any programming professiona, Easily extendable and accurate in performance.

About Us

Looking for problem that can be solved by an IT solution only? You are on right place.

We are into the Industry for the web, Mobile and Internet Marketing solutions. Our Engineers and Managers are intensely dedicated to it. We are outsourcing the solutions all over the world. We develop the solutions that helps to turn your ideas into reality. Weather its amazing startup or existing system, We being process oriented take care of it with optimum, less cost and suitable Processes.

Code Garage takes pride in its committed, competent and certified IT experts with comprehensive experience in diversified domains. We are your team in India that can bring value to any business in the globe. The Code Garage workforce believes that above all else, honest service is imperative to the success of any service provider-client relationship.

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We Love what we do and We do what we Love...

We don't just give services. We choose the experts for your work based upon their interests and passions. This is to maximise the output and keeping experts are in their favourite contribution.

What We Do

We combine a group of our expert developers with your current development or business team to build new or keep up existing software products.Our common stack additionally incorporates with Software Development and Marketing. Here is more about our services we give and technologies we use. LINK COMMING SOON

How We Do It

We analyze your team experience, organizational structure, existing workflows, product requirements, and goals.

We design a software development process for proficient, practical development while coordinating a group for your scale as a custom-made fit.

We recommend/use processes based upon your working style and requirements.

Processes we follow:

  • Agile
  • Prototype Based
  • Rapid App Development
  • Dynamic System Development
  • Scrum Development Methodology
  • Lean Development
  • We comprehend on location gatherings are occasionally required and we'll be there when you require us.

    Our Qualities For Your Success

    Daily/Weekly Reports

    Process Oriented

    Upto Date On IT trends



    Get inspire with powerful IT services.