How to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

The whole SEO industry encountered a major change in the course of recent years. As a result, many online advertisers have drastically changed their strategies. ranking high in Google for focused keywords isn't as simple as it was three years ago.

Is your website suddenly loading slowly or constantly crashing? Is your site getting Visitors from a wide range of uncommon referrers? Is it accurate to say that you are getting besieged with bad online reviews? Has your site dropped a few spots in the search rankings?

Provided that this is true, you may be a victim of negative SEO.

This is a guide that will enable you to understand what negative SEO is and how you can shield your business from turning into a victim. In the event that you are not kidding about building your image on the web and guarding it, this is something you should not ignore.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO refers to the practice of using black hat and unethical techniques to sabotage a competitor’s rankings in search engines. Negative SEO can take a number of different way:

- Hacking your website 
- Pointing links to your website using keywords like Viagra, S** online,poker online   and many More
- Copying your content and distributing it all over the internet
- creating the best Bad backlinks for your website
- Creating fake social profiles and ruining your reputation online
- Building hundreds or thousands of spammy links to your website
- Fake reviews creation for your brand

Maybe you heard this term some time recently, yet ideally, you haven't encountered it firsthand all alone site. How might you see whether somebody is trying to assault you with negative SEO?
Let’s shed some light on negative SEO today.

The most effective method to Prevent Negative SEO from Taking Place

1. Utilize Google Analytics to Watch for Traffic Spikes

Do you utilize Google Search Console? Yes? Magnificent! It gives you basic information and reports, like search traffic analytics,  which can't be produced anyplace else. It's super helpful stuff for enhancing your performance. Apart from that, you can likewise use Google Search Console to screen your site's security. Specifically, to recognize mishandle of any sort or tricky manual activities.

2. Monitor Your Backlinks Profile

This is the most critical move to make to keep spammers from succeeding. Frequently, they will perform negative SEO against your site by building low quality connections or redirects. It is vitally vital to know when somebody is making links or redirects to your site.

3. Repudiate Tool

Does your backlink profile contain spammy links? Also, by spammy, I mean containing a colossal measure of low-quality backlinks that reason your ranking to drop or even a penalty.

First, try to do all that you can to get rid of them.On the off chance that you've reached the website managers with a kind demand to remove the spammy links indicating your assets, and they've ignored it, you can depend on Google to enable you to out.

4. Enhance Your Password Protection

While creating passwords, try to fuse a long sequence of numbers, mixed with small and large letters and special numbers and extraordinary numbers. Gather them in your secret document on a different gadget or in a mystery notebook pad (and hold it under your pillow! :- )).

5. Watch Your Online Reviews

Few things drive away customers like a flurry of bad online reviews.Furthermore, with surveys and appraisals regularly getting over the-crease land on Google, they've additionally turned into an objective of negative SEO strategies.

Was your business besieged with a string of repulsive audits on Yelp, Google My Business or some other directory site? Assuming this is the case, you may be the objective of a contending business (or a greatly disappointed client).Google My Business and other review sites let you flag reviews that you think are fraudulent. Don’t hesitate to use this feature if you’ve been targeted by fake reviews.and bad SEOs. We'll even help you with Google punishment recuperation and other web search tool related punishments. Negative SEO is a genuine issue, be prepared!


SEO is a tireless industry, and sometimes the competition gets a little too heated. For that reason, you must always be vigilant against negative SEO.

Black hat tactics aren't as compelling these days at lifting sites in the rankings, however they're more productive than any other time in recent memory when disrupt is the objective. The harm from negative SEO can be significantly relieved by identifying assaults early and taking restorative activities.

We perform comprehensive SEO risk analysis scans and provide real-time monitoring and protection against negative SEO, black hat SEO techniques and bad SEOs. We'll even help you with Google penalty recovery and other search engine related penalties. Negative SEO is a real problem, be prepared!