SEO OnPage Secrets - Effective SEO ON page Tips & Techniques

When it comes to On Page SEO, i am sure that you have definitely heard about meta tags,mata keywords,meta description,keyword density for one lifetime.On Page SEO refers to optimizing individual web pages of the websites in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in the search engine as opposed to Off Page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.On Page SEO has changed over the years,so its very important to keep with latest practices.Now let us start learning from Meta tags.

1) Meta Title: Meta Title is a title you give to your webpage within the meta tag so that when a user sees a link to your page in the Search Engine then it must have a title to go with it.It defines the title of your web page or document.When you are writing a meta title for your page,it should be between 50-60 characters.Your title should be short,clear and descriptive.In case,you exceed the limit of 60 characters,then Google will only show first 60 characters in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and rest will show in the dotted line.

2) Meta Description: According to the searches, we have observed that 42.6% people click on the given result based on the meta description.The idea behind the meta description is 160 characters.The main purpose of this text is to draw the user in, let them know what to expect if they click and convince them to do so with a strong call to action.Optimizing the meta description is a very important aspect of on-page SEO.

3) Internal links: An internal link is a type of hyperlink from one page to another within the same website.Add 2-3 internal links to every page.Internal links are very important for the site's navigation.Search engines gives the important to internal links,so it makes the sense of as many as meaningful internal links on your as possible.Always try to build an SEO-friendly site architecture with internal links.

4) Keyword Research: Keywords are like compass for your SEO campaigns which means they tell you where to go and whether or not you are making progress.To obtain a benefit from them,you need to know how to find them ?.You can start keyword research by come up with keywords that potential customers might search for.Now put those keywords into the Google Keyword Planner and then pick right keywords that meet your business.Various Keyword Research Tools are: Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Moz's Keyword Explorer, SEMrush etc.

5) Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools(GWT): Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools(GWT),both plays an important role in SEO.Coming to GWT,it is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you to first understand what's going on your site.It is a mechanism through which Google communicate with webmasters and let you know issues regarding your website.On the other hand,Google Analytics tells you information about the user in the form of how many times the user has browse the page ?,how much time user has spent on that particular webpage ?,From which country the traffic is coming from ? and many more.

6) Image Optimization: Make sure that your image files contain your target keywords and that target keyword should be part of your image Alt Text.Never ever forget to give Alt Text to your image.Images transform a piece of text into an engaging experience while you read.When it comes to optimizing images,there are few things that you need to be aware of: file type,image size and dimensions,how you serve your images and all.

7) URL Optimization: The URL structure of your webpage should make it easy for your visitor to understand the structure of your website and the content they are about to see.For example: Below, i gave two URL's.By looking at the first URL, you can't make estimation about the website structure and content about it because the first URL is unable to read and understand ie. From the second URL, you can say that second URL is telling about the importance of ruby on rails because it is easy to understand and most importantly it is user friendly. ie So,always try to make user-friendly URL's.

Before url optimization:
After url optimization:

8) Content Optimization: Never use duplicate content on your website.Always try to use unique and inspirational content that meet the user requirements.

The above is just an overview of the best On-Page SEO techniques that are available.There are many other factors that you need to be taken for On Page SEO.Hopefully, the above article will help you get started in On Page SEO techniques.For more information regarding this, you can call us at 7986748967. Our Website: