4 Reasons Why Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails?

Beginners always get confused about which programming language they shall choose as their first programming language; beginners often get confused between many languages like Java or C/C++ and a dozen more. I as a programmer recommend that every beginner should learn Ruby on Rails and their initiative programming language. IF you want to know why you should not learn Android or IOS’ language, below are many of the reasons. Head straight to the reasons now:

1. Ruby on Rails is a Web Application Framework

The one thing that is most confusing about the language for most beginners is that if it is same as Ruby, and to clear the doubt it is NOT. Ruby on Rails is basically a collection of shortcuts to be written as syntax; which are originated from Ruby that lets you build web application and softwares, or you can say websites, faster than many other languages. The benefit of learning Ruby on Rails (a web application framework) before any hardcore programming language (Example: Ruby) is that you will make quick advancement that will motivate you to learn even more, you will be able to design your own website to show off and you will observe how the things you are learning work and apply to certain scenarios.

2. Some of The Biggest and Most Popular Websites are Based on Ruby on Rails

Many popular websites are designed and developed with the help of Ruby on Rails. Some of them are Airbnb, Basecamp, Bleacher Report,, Scribd, Groupon, Hulu, Gumroad, Pitchfork, Kickstarter, Sendgrid, Square, Soundcloud, Crunchbase, Yammer, Slideshare, Zendesk, Github, Funny or Die, Shopify.

I think I have said enough popular names which can convince you that Ruby on Rails is really a great platform for website development and web application framework.

3. Lots of Startups and Websites are Hiring Developers Who know Ruby on Rails

We are not saying that it’s guaranteed you will get a job in this, there are even more job openings in other languages, but for startups, finding great Ruby on Rails developer is very hard so if you create your expertise in this language, you will get hired easily.

4. Ruby on Rails is Full Stack and Gives you Self-Dependency:

In most programming languages (like HTML/CSS, javascript, Python, and SQL) there is the lack of functionality for either back-end or front-end. If you choose these languages, you will have to rely on someone else for the front-end. However, Ruby on Rails supports developing both back-end and front end so you don’t have to rely on someone else. This feature means that if you completely earn Ruby on Rails, you can develop a complete web application without relying on someone else for some other part of the code which needs to be written in some other language. The additional advantage of learning Ruby on Rails is that you will also learn a bit of HTML/CSS, Javascript and also Ruby.

These were some of the advantages about why you should start your programming career by learning Ruby on Rails. We hope you liked the article. Feel free to shoot any suggestions for Code garage Tech or views at